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Popular Backyard Transformation Ideas in Australia

One of the benefits of living in a house as opposed to an apartment is that you get the freedom to design your backyard just the way you want to. 

In this article we discuss some interesting, practical and cost effective improvements you can make to your garden, turning it into a great place to relax and entertain. 

Here are some of the most popular back garden transformation trends in Australia: 

1. Invest In A Trellis

If your backyard looks dull then a sculpted wooden trellis can make it look more interesting. Trellises are an affordable way to add a touch of style and elegance to your back garden. They are easy to install and a colourful flowering vine can be planted on the side of the trellis to create a simply beautiful visual effect. 

2. Consider A Concrete Patio 

A concrete patio provides a great space for entertaining outdoors. There are many different patio and masonry styles, colours, patterns and finishes to choose from that will add value and style to your garden.

3. Create Exquisite Garden Paths

Just like trellises, garden paths are very practical, cheap and easy to create. If your backyard looks a little wild but you don't want to spend a large amount of money on renovations then one or two garden paths are a good option. 

You can easily create a rustic-style backyard with some crushed rock garden paths and coloured foliage along the path line. This will create a stunning visual effect and make your garden look welcoming and tidy.

4. Consider An Outdoor Kitchen

If you love to cook, then you should certainly consider investing in an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor pizza ovens are a popular and cost effective way to cook outdoors.

The Riverlea group offer a range of outdoor pizza ovens and fireplaces and deliver throughout Australia.

Contact Riverlea today to find out how a outdoor pizza oven can enhance your next outdoor entertaining experience.

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